Jump Jump My Little Man

My bouncing baby I love you so much. My hart leaps when I see you even when I see you on a photograph.

I Love you my grandson, you make me laugh when you do your jumping jumping so fast and your eyes light up as you are doing it knowing you are doing something everyone thinking is so cute.

My heart is filled with love for you Hayden, You have eyes that show kindness and you will be a kind and good man when you grow up, don’t bend under peer pressure and let it rob you of your beauty that you possess. Be good to your mummy she loves you so much and she was the best mum to you.

My Grandson...

With open arms and an open heart I hope you will always be true to yourself. Don't be swayed by society or peer pressure may you shine in everything you do and overcome all obstacles in your way. May you always know that I am here for you forever and always.
I wish you a life full of happiness you so greatly deserve.  May you grow up embracing life instead of trying to run from it. I love you my grandson my Hayden Lee with all my heart.

My arms ache to hold your tiny little body, massage your little legs and feet while you look so relaxed. I love you my little Hayden with all my hart every day for ever.

Christmas was so wonderful because of you, new life, and new beginnings.

I miss you my little love.