Letter to Hayden


My Darling Hayden

I am writing this so you will always know how much I loved you , when you grow up I want you to know that your grandmother would have spend every moment with you plying and laughing , and watch you grow.

My darling all I wanted is to be behind your parents not in front of them and just see you grow up you are so special to me.

My grandson I hope that whatever is good in this world will come your way and you will be a blest young man with health happiness and good fortune you are the extension of your beautiful mother that I also so adored and felt the same for her, I thank God for you my grandson, but I grieve to know that you will not experience this closeness with me and grandad.

Darling I don’t care if the hall world knows how I feel, you are our grandson the first one the Joy of all grandparents.

"One day, I want you to know how much I loved you". And this is what it's about. We just want to leave that legacy behind, you know, that is our legacy to say, "We loved you, we always loved you, we will never give up on wanting to show you what extended families are, like grandparents.

As I am writing this my grandson I have tears in my eyes and look at your sweet face in the photograph my arms long to hold you and I long to again sing to you and put you to sleep as you gaze in my eyes like you study everything I say to you, greater joy than that I don’t know apart from the one I had for your mother and your unties when they were little.

Don’t ever get influenced by people that are around you. to think we were not there and that we didn’t love you my grandson we grieved and ached for you as we ache for your mother.

When you grow up and if we are still around we will look you up and you can come of your own free will to us and we can start a new relationship no mater were you are in the world. Just make every effort to do this please Hayden.

My baby boy my grandson I want to ask God through my letters that he today will bless you and keep you in his safe arms and that you will learn something special today , may you feel God’s presence and peace on you and all extended love from us through the power of God that can make you know that and feel that.

I love you my grandson my Hayden lee forever.

You’re Granma