Dear Hayden

My grandson Hayden

Words cannot explain, my love for you my baby my Hayden Lee

You have brought joy to my life that I have only had when your mother and your unties were babies,

All over again I feel alive when I am with you and I love to share playtimes and silly moments with you, just to see your face that lets me know you had fun.

I love when you repeat what I say and you laugh at clown things that I do when I am with you, I love you my grandson my Hayden lee.

I am so grateful that I was able to be at your first birthday and see you enjoy your toys.

I pray my darling that all your days will be filed with God’s blessings and happiness, smiles and comfort my baby boy.

Hayden you have a face of an angel, you will be a strong yet a kind and gentle man when you grow up, I know because I can see it in you my little love, and you will be a blessing to your parents and bring joy to my heart.

To have a child from a child you adore is a gift from God and the ultimate blessing.

Hayden one day you will read this and you will know how much your grandmother loves you, not that you don’t already know but you will know it on a deeper level.

I pray that your day while I am away and cannot see you, that you eat well, sleep well, play well and you have happiness in your heart.

I love you my baby my Hayden lee

Your grandma