For you my wanderful grandson Hayden Lee

Like an angel you came in to our lives, most precious little man.
Never in million years did I even dream you will bring such joy to my heart and my soul.

Hayden Lee a baby of my precious daughter Jade that I also adore with all my hart.

Looking in to your little eyes and your tiny face , your cheeks and your curled up little chin that everyone recons is like mine , just melts my hart and brings tears to my eyes to have been so blessed with an angel like you.My darling one day you will read this and you will know how deeply you were loved by your grandmother.Your mother was also loved by me beyond what words can describe . I guess God has made it this way that we can experience such love second time around well at least i did.

I am not a writer so this is not perfect wording and its not meant to be its just an expression of my love for you my darling boy.

I love you Hayden Lee with all my hart.

Your grandma