Another Letter to My Grandson Hayden Lee

By the time you read this you will be a big boy.
I know you will be kind, funny, wise, sensitive, interesting, and a ball of fire!
Your mother is all of these things.

I know you will be strong and a warm huger. Your mother was and still is.

I wish you happy, happy, days! You will have some bad days, yes.
They are important so you can appreciate the good ones.

There will be disappointments; I know you will be able to handle them. Grandma always says, "Life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you handle it.

I love you my grandson my Hayden lee and;
I pray you learn about humility.

Please always let an outsider feel inside, and always, always, be kind.
I always wanted to do that, make people feel safe.

I hope you learn that honesty is the best policy, and that doing hard days work will always make you feel better.

Be a loyal friend, one people can count on and trust.
I hope you put all of these wonderful things you possess to make yourself and the world around you a better place to live in.

There’s nothing too good for you to possess, nor heights where you cannot go:
Your power is more than belief or guess - It is something you must know.

So, Grandson, there is nothing to fear - you can and you will.
For you are the invincible you. Set your foot on the highest hill -because there’s nothing you cannot do.

Hayden you must believe this as my heart is all for you and I will only ever tell you the truth about you and the life you are in about to explore.

Please learn about the “God Stuff”, it really works, trust me, without him I would not be able to enjoy you and have you my baby boy, my Hayden Lee. My gift

You have such a wonderful mother, she also was and is  my gift and she will be the one to teach you all the good things in life and allot of things she has seen me do and how close me and her were and you and her will be also.

Oh and remember how to play, for you are in for a loving time.

I hope we will be close always and I want you to remember that I will always be here for you and my spirit will always be young so that I can relate to you my grandson my Hayden Lee.

By the time you read this I may not be around anymore you would have already developed your sweet and wonderful self that your grandma would be proud of and is and will be forever in this life and the next my grandson my darling my Hayden Lee.

You are my gift from God.

You’re Grandma